Exporting Data from Read Only Grid

How can I export the data from read only grid (on an interface) with and without any filter, not from any CDT or record type?

Need to get only these fields in exported file.

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  • Show a link to download .

    1.On click call a model

    2.Model will dump all your column form grid to table with same structure ( Add extra column called processId and map pp!id)

    3.Then use Export Data Store Entity to Excel Smart Service. link: https://docs.appian.com/suite/help/22.1/Export_To_Excel_Smart_Service.html

    4. Make sure to activity chain the nodes in model

    5. The smart service return the data dump in table in an excel document format

    6. Delete the rows you inserted for this transaction based on pp!id

    7. Take the generated document back to your interface

    8. Show that as a download link

    8. User can now download