Search Feature in Grid not working for One is to Many Relationship

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I have Room (roomID column) and a Key (with keyID, roomID, and keyDescription columns) . A room can have multiple keys. I setup a one to many relationship between the Room and a Key using the roomID. 

I used the Room record to populate a gridField. The search is not returning anything if I put an information that should match the keyDescription. I have the code below. I am only after for keys that are active which is one active key per room. Even if I remove the filter in the code, it does not return anything. Is this expected for a One to Many relationship? 


data: a!recordData(
recordType: <room_record>,
relatedRecordData: a!relatedRecordData(relationship: '<roomRecord-keyRecord>',
filters: {
field: '<keyRecord.isActive>',
operator: "=",
value: true
columns: {

label: "Room ID",
sortField: 'roomRecord.roomID',
value: fv!row['roomRecord.roomID'],

label: "Key Description",
sortField: 'roomRecord-keyRecord.keyDescription',
value: fv!row['roomRecord-keyRecord.keyDescription'],

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