Better way to reuse particular a!queryRecordType

I am using modern records/Sync records to create related actions. I have around 20+ related actions i need to define for an Interface. 
I have to pass the most common parameter for all 20 of them.

Example: I need to pass Case information into each related action, i am using a!queryRecordType to pass this info.

I am passing this 20 times for each 20 RA as mentioned, i am not happy with using it multiple times. I can create an expression rule for it alone and pass it; still it being called 20 times.

Is there a better approach to achieve it in single call and passing along to the remaining RAs????

    recordType: 'recordType!{092e25cb-d859-498e-810c-ede1a27152dd}FAS Manage Case',
    fields: 'recordType!{092e25cb-d859-498e-810c-ede1a27152dd}FAS Manage Case.fields.{c59a2f56-2d82-405b-8012-f24f371ae9ab}id',
    filters: a!queryFilter(
      field: 'recordType!{092e25cb-d859-498e-810c-ede1a27152dd}FAS Manage Case.fields.{c59a2f56-2d82-405b-8012-f24f371ae9ab}id',
      operator: "=",
      value: rv!identifier
    pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(1,1)

Thanks in advance

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