Saved user filters were removed when adding new user filter into the recordtype and interface

Certified Associate Developer

Hi everyone, 

I'm not sure if you guys have the same problem as mine, but haven't found any similar topic in the forum...

I am having an interface, which is using a recordtype as data source. The record type already had 5 user filters to be used in the interface. 

Appian's recordtype based interface is currently providing a prebuilt feature that allows users to Manage Filters (Save/ Set as Default/ Reset filters), and we are using this feature to save some filter choices.

However, recently I added a new user filter, and realise all my saved filters were removed from the filter tab. It brings quite an issue to some users, as they have saved lots of filters to customize their reports. 

Have you seen this issue before? And is there any way that I can retrieve the filters back/ or prevent this issue when deploying the new user filter to PROD? 

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