Timezone Issue while writing values to Database

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Scenario 1:

I am facing time difference when I am make a DB(postgre) entry via Appian. I am trying to upload an excel from Appian UI with date field column.

The database field name updt_td And crt_ts has default values assigned as current timestamp.

On uploading my excel I am not passing the above two fields in excel. My Appian user is timezone is EST. After writing to table the default value of these 2 columns get updated with difference of 5 hrs.

for EX: If I am triggering at 24-11-2022 10:00 EST in database it shows 24-11-2022 3:30.

this value is generating by default if we give column as null.

Scenario 2:

If in a DB column I pass the value as Now function from my process Model, then also I get the time as mentioned above(increased by 5 hrs).

Scenario 3:

if I normally write an insert query in database then it takes take default value which is correct.

In short when i am uploading via Appian it is taking wrong time.

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