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So I need to make a list of groups and what users are in those groups in Excel. There are a lot of users and groups so I'm trying not to have to do it manually. I can't just make the email addresses with the concatenate formula because I don't have any first/last names to go off of. I'm using groups in Appian and I just want to know how to quickly get these emails into Excel. There's at least 60+ groups I have to add into Excel. Thanks for any suggestions

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    Is this a one-time export that you could use brute-force techniques to use, or is it something that you need to set up as a "clean", user-facing tool that might need to be used often (or at least on a repeated basis)?

    For a one-time chore being done by you as the designer, there are various things I could think of.  One would be, you could simply enumerate over the membership of a group and output their email addresses separated by newline, in the Expression Editor, then copy the result list and paste it into an Excel column.  That or you could generate text output formatted like a CSV file would be, copy that and paste it into a blank text file that you save as .csv, then open that in Excel (and optionally, save an Excel-formatted copy, etc).

    Any further info on exactly what you need to do here?

  • For now I ended up using an expression rule, getting the ID of the group and then viewing the users. But it's not a user-facing tool, it's more of a chore for me. The output of the code I used was fine, but I had to replace/find and remove the (User) at the end. Is there something I could add to the rule to remove that initially?


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    Hey, it is not possible to remove data type from the test output value, if you want to copy the data directly from this output then you can paste it into notepad and replace all (User) with empty space.

    Or you can use an interface like this to copy it without any struggle

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    You might have an easier time viewing the "raw" output value - and there are lots of different ways we can play with the formatted value of the output to make it fit your needs, e.g.

          user(fv!item, "email")
        ) & char(10)

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