Return only two fields from the expression of the query record

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Here in this image the expression should only return seatno and gender field without pid.

Can anyone please help me with this?

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    if you query  record type then by default primary key of that record will be available as output along with your selected fields.

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    Then how you will identify that a given record data is associated to which record? As Gopal answered, it is available by default for that particular reason only.

    There is no way/option to remove primary key from the queryRecordType() but you can manipulate the generated result by taking reference from below code.

        recordType: 'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle',
        fields: {
          'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{7aa3dcda-863a-4271-9034-85821a2bd453}vehicleMake',
          'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{767a1f4c-ca0a-4df5-954d-cd0beba06e96}vehicleMileage'
        filters: a!queryFilter(
          field: 'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{595da20e-a849-4c36-a57e-d569453c622f}vehicleId',
          operator: "in",
          value: {1,2,3,4}
        pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(1, 10)
      'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle'(
        'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{7aa3dcda-863a-4271-9034-85821a2bd453}vehicleMake': fv!item['recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{7aa3dcda-863a-4271-9034-85821a2bd453}vehicleMake'],
        'recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{767a1f4c-ca0a-4df5-954d-cd0beba06e96}vehicleMileage': fv!item['recordType!{aa4ce38f-1a9d-4827-af51-e2ccb80a2c8b}AS Vehicle.fields.{767a1f4c-ca0a-4df5-954d-cd0beba06e96}vehicleMileage']

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    Does this result in an actual problem? Or is it just not what you expected?