Diferences between data in record preview, cloud database and record list in site

Hi! I´m having a problem related with data. The data in my record preview does not suit with the data in the cloud database. When compare my site (page created by a record list) and the admin console, it seems to be OK, but the record data preview is not equal. What can be happening?

1. Correct Data (Cloud Database)

2. Correct data (record list page of my site)

3. Incorrect data (the problem is that the second "idPedido" value is one that should not exist, I used it in previous ocasions but was deleted). It should appear idPedido = 2

It seems like the "Data Preview" is saving previous idPedido that were deleted

What can I do? Thanks a lot

*Extra: I added another row and same occurs. When I click in the table source (record-->data model --> edit data source), it also appears OK, but still wrong in the preview. I uploaded a pic in order to see it in an easy way

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