Sync Records Smart Service not working

Hi! I have created a node with the SyncRecords Smart Service

My record to update is called: "CPF_Lineas_Pedido"

My primary key is a concat() from another two fields of the record: "CONCAT_PEDIDO_MATERIAL" (f.example, "Pedido1-Rueda"). This primary key is saved in the first interface of the process

The process variable which I use to "Collect" the primary keys is correctly saved: 

And as you can see, all the values are the same as the records primary key

By now, all the field (in which I have created/updates via Query Database Smart Service) changes are correctly saved in my DB, but not sync (I have to do it manually to see the results in my Site)

Do you think the problem is because I´m using a complex primary key (Text and concat value)? What can I do to fix and automatize my sync?

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