uuid and Record Object

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Hi all,

I was trying to get know more about "UUID" and how it works, I came across couple of challenges , Which both include "Record Type" object and it's UUID.

1. When i'm trying to pass UUID of record object in  getcontentsbyUUID function (Content tools plug in) ,it's throwing an error   "No object with this UUID has been found" , but when i search it in application search i can find the object. Can we use this function for records?

2. When i am deploying  application to an higher environment, In inspect tab SOMETIMES similar thing  (Record object and it's related objects  were there  in the package , but still it's gonna ask  for missing object with uuid  which is record type).

Can anybody please explain why it's happening 


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        Thank you  ,

        For my Second question , it's not repetitive but Sometimes while i'm doing deployment , In INSPECT TAB,when i click on Inspect Again  it throwing an error like missing dependants(Those dependants are record objects) , but those record objects and  all it's precedents  are there in package. I don't have a screenshot of it but When i do force deploy(BY IGNORING INSPECT AGAIN), Sometimes it's working fine sometime it's not.

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