Export to excel issue

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In database view has been created by combining many tables and it shows the results properly. When we use a!exportDataStoreEntityToExcel function to extract the content it fetches only 22k instead of 24k which is shown in view results. Is there any limitations on the extracting content except the column count 50 (ours only 25 columns)?

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    Hi harikumarm

    My first question to you would be this from the documentation here:

    "Exporting data store entities from either record lists or smart services relies on sorting the entity by its primary key. This sorting ensures that data is exported consistently—that is, all rows are exported and no row is exported more than once."

    For the field configured as your primary key in you CDT, can you confirm that there are 24k unique values? If you only have 22k unique values then as the documentation suggests, not all rows may be successfully exported.

  • I was integrating my new project, resume writing services Calgary, and encountered a persistent issue. Despite a database view displaying 24k results, the a!exportDataStoreEntityToExcel function only fetched 22k, even with our dataset limited to 25 columns (well within the 50-column maximum). Beyond column count, potential limitations in data structure complexity and system resources may impact extraction. Consider optimizing the view's relationships, reviewing data types, and ensuring adequate system resources. By addressing these aspects, you can enhance the accuracy of the export process.

  • It seems like you're facing a technical challenge with your project, especially regarding data extraction. Considering the discrepancy in results fetched by the a!exportDataStoreEntityToExcel function, optimizing the view's relationships, reviewing data types, and ensuring sufficient system resources could potentially resolve the issue. I faced the same issue when I was working for Omnia Stores.