Deactivate the user and force the user to logout

My process model deactivates the user who is currently logged as he no longer has the appropriate privileges in the application. But since still have an active session he is still able to perform actions which he should no longer have access to. Is there a way we invalidate his session and force him to logout? 

I tried to use the confirmation URL in the other tab on a script task in process model which deactivates the user to redirect to /suite/portal/login.jsp but it didn't work. 

Please advise. 

  • Do you also remove the deactivated user from the groups configured with Application security/process model security .
  • Hi, can you tell me if you have figured out the solution to this?
  • Hi I believe, in order to achieve your requirement, you can follow below mention steps:

    1. Remove this user from its all associated groups
    2. Deactivate the user
    3. In process model, task must be assigned to a group instead of pp!initiator so that someone else(Active User) from that group can pickup the task and complete it, to avoid long living process and transaction data loss.

    If we do so, the moment user gets deactivated and removed from group, he will getting an error message, related to privileges

    Additionally for safe side, on button submit of form, you can put a validation check, whether the current user is the member of the actual group who is responsible to act upon this task, if not show form level validation.

    Hope this will help you.

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