External Message Mapping Issue

Appian version 16.3 Hotfix G

Our application relies on an external XML message being passed into Appian to kick off the process. We do this using Apache ActiveMQ which Appian then picks off of the queue and maps based on the UUID in the header. This has worked for us for over a year but we recently upgraded our (DEV) 16.2 installation of Appian to 16.3 and since doing so have started running into some issues.


Now for some messages that we send down to Appian it maps to the wrong process. Always the same process model but one that has never been set up to receive external messages and none of our external systems have the UUID of this process. It doesn’t happen to all messages some map correctly but even if we send the same message multiple times sometimes it will map correctly other times not.

We have confirmed that the message being placed on the queue has the correct UUID. Any suggestions?


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