Is Public Landing Page Feasible in Appian without any Login?

Hi All,

These are the points which customer asked and I almost felt it is not feasible in Appian. Can you please let me know if that is true.

They are having an Application where they have a landing page which has a brief details about the customer and any public user without login can see the details and about the news of the customers.

Now they want to build the same Application in Appian.

Users Needs a

1.Public Landing Page where they can be showcasing the details to the public users about what are the updates and all the other customer related data exposed publicly.

2.User needs a Self Registration Login link and a login link if already registered which we can route it to our Appian screen.

Proposed Idea

1. Point 1 can be done using other tech and once routing is done it will be routing to Appian

But User is not interested to go with othet tech to build those landing pages.


How can we get this in Appian where they should get a landing page.

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