Upgrading FitNesse for Appian

Hi All,


I am trying to upgrade to the new Fitnesse release. I downloaded the JAR file from the link



Copied the new JAR file to lib/Appian folder and moved the old JAR fileto a different folder. I am able to start Fitnesse and it opens the Front page. When I click TEST, it opens the Firefox but does nothing after that.

Replaced the JAR file with the old one and it all works fine.

Can someone advice me if I doing something wrong.




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  • Rather than simply downloading the jar file, have you tried migrating your test cases into FitNesseRoot of a complete new installation of FitNesse.

    Here are the upgrade instructions:

    1. Rename existing FitNesse for Appian installation, which will be referred to as OLD_TESTING_HOME.
    2. Download the newest version of FitNesse for Appian from Appian Forum.
    3. Unzip FitNesse for Appian into FITNESSE_HOME.
    4. Merge the following files from OLD_TESTING_HOME into FITNESSE_HOME:
    a. OLD_TESTING_HOME/fitnesse.properties (keep added properties in the new version of FitNesse)
    b. OLD_TESTING_HOME/log4j.properties
    c. OLD_TESTING_HOME/configs/custom.properties (keep added properties in the new version of FitNesse)
    d. OLD_TESTING_HOME/configs/users.properties
    e. Any other custom files within the installation directory
    5. If using the FitNesseRoot folder then copy all test files from OLD_TESTING_HOME/FitNesseRoot to FITNESSE_HOME/FitNesseRoot
    6. If not using default FitNesseRoot folder, for example using version control, copy the following directories from the old installation into your existing FitNesseRoot directory

    Your issue was probably caused by missing properties in the custom.properties file, out of date libraries, or out of date selenium drivers for Chrome or Firefox.
  • Hi, I have upgraded Fitnesse to newest version, also copied test suites from old fitnesseroot to new fitnesseroot folder. Now when I run Fitnesse GUI I do not see my test suites, however it shows in search result. How can I make my old test suites visible on front page ?

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