Read data from a text file

I start a process via email with an attachment. The data inside that attachment I want to use it later in Appian.

So far I managed to save the data to a document folder and use a pv(type Document) to store the name(ID) of the file.

I wanted to use the share components plugin - Text File Reader but i get this error when I'm using like this: readtextfromfile(pv!docID, false)

Details:  ERROR:An error occurred while evaluating expression: fileReceived:readtextfromfile(txtFile:pv!docID,preserveLineBreaks:false) (Expression evaluation error at function 'readtextfromfile': Error evaluating function 'readtextfromfile' : null) (Data Outputs)

Anyone know if it's still working in 17.2 or any ideas how to read the date from data attachment and stored into a variable?

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