Can we call process model / start a process from Email notification via link?

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I have a requirement where a notification is sent to group of people (suppose : projectlead , projectadmin,projecthr etc) with a link to start a process .

And that link should be accessible only to projectlead , when he clicks on the link from email notification he should be able to start a process and take necessary action as per the business.




Message: "The Surface Rights will expire in 90 Days for (PARF #) on (Agreement Date). Your options are to either retain the Surface Agreement, including the need to re-notify and/or sent payment to interested parties before the Stale Date or Cancel the PARF.

[bolded font]Please click here (with link to Record) to Access the record and make a decision”.


Opens to a page where Project Lead has 2 options: Retain Surface Agreement or Allow to Expire.


If Project Lead selects to Retain Surface Agreement: It will Initiate a new task for the Surface Land Analyst "Retain Surface Agreement and Pay and/or Notify Interested Party as required" / Surface Landman will receive "Accept Revised PARF".

System prompts Project Lead to Revise PARF with description (screen cannot close for Project Lead without items in comments).

System will prompt Surface Land Analyst to enter new  Surface Agreement date when retained


If Project Lead selects Allow to Expire - System prompts the Project Lead to cancel the PARF (Screen cannot close for Project Lead without items in comments). Regulatory Tech will receive notification that the Project Lead has Cancelled the PARF and follows existing Cancellation process. 




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