Want to Minimize the Script Node number.

Hey All.

I have requirement to manipulate the process variables receiving in process model as a parameter. I am using 3 script task node to manipulate the PV ,as the output of 1st node is using in 2nd node and output of 2nd in 3rd node.  Can I minimize that? Because I want that the  process model takes very less time to execute(performance should be good).

See the below scenario:

1st Script Task Node:-  Expression= cond(pv!a)     Output:- pv!op1

2nd Script Task Node:- Expression= cond(cond(pv!op1))     Output:- pv!op2

3rd Script Task Node:- Expression= rule!ABC(cond(pv!op2,cond(pv!op3)))     Output:- pv!op3


Thanks in advance

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