How to update multiple users at once

I am using Appian 17.3. I have the need to update multiple users records. I see Appian has a smart service Update User Profile. However, I don't want to do it  using MNI because I have more than 1000 users which is the MNI limit. 

How can I use a!updateuserprofile() in an expression so that I can use a!foreach() and update the users that way instead of doing MNI? I would like to perform this logic on a process model. The documentation says that it has to be within a saveInto or using a web API. How do I do it as part of a web API?

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  • HI erickp,

    Create one process model as shown in image ,

    1) Take two process variables one is users of type users (multiple) and second is loopVariable(number integer ),by  default loopVariable value is 1.

    2)In first node set the  users list to users Variable.

    3) xor gate to check condition pv!loopVariable>count(pv!users),if true then end else update user details.

    4) Next use Update User Profile smart service to update details like


    Choose User: pv!users[pv!loopVariable]

    firstName : user(




    lastName : user(





    5) Increment pv!loopVariable with 1 by using script task.

    when ever pv!loopVariable>count(pv!users) then i will end else loop execute again

    so,for all user the email wil updated to ""


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