Numbers getting converted to exponential

Hi All, 

I am using Excel to CDT smart service, and in my excel, one of column lets say Column A contain numbers, format in Excel is Text Only. I am storing this number as Text Datatype in Appian. 

Issue is Column A values which is actually number in Excel and mapped to Text datatype in Appian is getting converted to Exponential. I tired using Fixed(), todecimal() and text() function but non of this giving me required output. 

Another strange behavior we noticed is, Converting Excel cell to Text worked fine in Development and Test environment but same thing is not working in production. 

I checked few of existing post on same issue but didn't find satisfactory answer.

E.g :

Excel cell value : 9122604701,

Appian Converting it to : 9.122605e+09,

Required output as : 9122604701


Simple Shah

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