Convert base 10 to base 36 numbers using numbers 0 - 9 and letters A - Z

Hi all,

We are looking for a function that converts base 10 numbers to base 36 numbers (using numbers and letters to represent base 36 numbers), and also another function to convert base 36 text 

Example1 - Convert base 10 to base 36 >> enter base 10 number int(3634) and get base 36 text string "2SY"

Example2 - Convert base 36 to base 10 >> enter base 36 text string("A2J") and get base 10 number int 13051

Does anyone have an idea where we can start from?


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  • For anyone who's interested, I was able to whip up this Appian expression rule last night, which uses 100% out-of-box functionality.  In it, a user can pass any valid integer, as well as any base (between 2 and 36), and get the resulting conversion in a string.  It performs fairly well, converting some of the largest allowable Appian integers into base 36 in only 2ms.

        ri!base > 36,
        ri!base < 2
        local!base: ri!base,
        local!charset: left("0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", local!base),
        local!powerBase: log(ri!integer, local!base),
        local!numCharacters: ceiling(local!powerBase) + 1, /* the resulting number will need up to this many characters */
        local!strings: a!forEach(
          items: enumerate(local!numCharacters),
          expression: with(
            local!placeValue: ri!integer / (local!base ^ (fv!item)), /* requires zero-indexed list */
            local!charIndex: floor(mod(local!placeValue, local!base)),
              local!placeValue < 1,
        /* debug -- uncomment the following lines to see earlier calculated values */
        /*&char(10) & "power base: " & local!powerBase*/
        /*&char(10)& "places: " & local!numCharacters*/

    To convert back from a given base to base10 would just require an expression rule that does the reverse of this, which IMHO would actually be easier (edit: i've written this too and posted it below).

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