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I am new to the Appian Community.  I am interested in your opinion:  What are the 5 best features of the Appian tool?  Also, what things about Appian could stand improvement?


I have a customer that runs a heavy-duty equipment enterprise in the Midwestern US.  We are looking to pitch Appian as a replacement for the current MS Access system for tracking equipment rental - they outgrew this system 5 years ago but have been unable to find an affordable solution.  Appian seems to be a good fit.

  • That is a very broad question, and as a result is difficult to answer. The tool is tremendously flexible and can be made to suit a variety of purposes. I'd suggest engaging with the technical sales representatives to ensure you're armed with the information you need.

    Having said that, here's my list of best features:

    1) Appian, the company itself, employs stellar people who quickly adapt the product to emerging desires of their customers. They also have kept this company at the forefront of technology innovation.
    2) Divorcing the user interface components from being tightly bound to forms and reports. This flexibility has allowed us to allocate project resources very effectively
    3) Adoption of Hibernate and abstraction of data types into XML/XSD. The relief from writing complex SQL, and the ability to quickly write queries using a!queryEntity are huge and have reduced our development time significantly
    4) An open API for Java extension. Although we have found everything we need in the out - of - box solution, we recognize Appian's commitment to this as important.
    5) The user community, where we are right now. Many of our problems and challenges have been solved by this group.

    Having worked with the product for 11 years, I think that they've fixed any complaints that I had years ago.
  • Some of my favorite features include:
    1) FitNesse for Appian allows for easy creation of automated test scripts
    2) Integration Designer
    3) Frequent platform updates allow you to take advantage of modern UI
    4) App market has lots of great plug-ins to extend out of the box functionality
    5) Appian Cloud takes the hassle out of managing servers
  • Appian is popular, because it has no.of Advantages & Many features . Here are few :

    Main Advantages of Appian :
    1. Low-code Platform
    2. Intelligent Automation
    3. Customer Engagement
    4. Case Engagement

    Why Appian? Because

    1.Appian is Reliable
    2.Appian is Secure
    3.Appian is Scalable
    4.Appian is global
    5.RAPID Application Development
    6.Appian is 20x faster than any other custom code

    In a nutshell,

    1.Appian business process management(BPM) is considered as the market leader in modern BPM and Case Management software
    2.All the data, processes, and documents, as well as the collaborations are in one environment, on any device, and are integrated through a simple social interface.
    3.Appian helps organizations deliver the best customer experience for clients, modernize critical business processes, create new market opportunities, and gain competitive advantage.
    4.On-premise and in the cloud, Appian provides the fastest way to deliver innovative business applications to its users when they need it.
    5.Simple drag-and-drop functionality that is convenient for its users.
    6.Provides instant deployment of newly built solutions set up in your workplace on a scalable, flexible platform while providing out-of-the-box Integration with diverse systems.
    7.Mobile user experiences with no extra work.
    8.Real-time management tools monitor in-flight processes, re-assign tasks, and view performance of your company
    9.Social collaboration across people, processes, and systems drives awareness.

    Please visit the below url to see feature highlights


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