FitNesse For Appian: How to create a common test repository for FitNesse scripts?

Our team is creating FitNesse scripts. But as of now, the problem is they are creating scripts on their local machines. We want to create a common repository for the tests, from where team members can sync their tests.

Please help if we can do this and how.


Thanks in advance!

  • GitHub would work well for this. You unzip all of the files there and run FitNesse from your repository. I'd recommend adding the Test Results folder to your gitignore file so that these don't get shared among your team.
  • The server:
    You can either install a server your own or you can use a cloud one like
    - github
    - bitbucket
    - gitlab
    - tortoise has servers and even clients for most of those.

    The tool:
    You can use any version control tool:
    - hg mercurial (I like this more than git)
    - git (popular)
    - svn or cvs (old fashion)

    The code:
    You just just need to have on the repository
    - Everything Inside “FitnesseRoot” folder
    - maybe the configurations.

    In case you don’t have a server using a shared folder could help but mmm please try a version control system.

    Hope this helps

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