How to remove GMT+5:30 format from specific date time?

Hi All,

I am facing an issue when I'm trying to add hours to the specific time using caladdhours() function. But by defalut it is adding GMT+5:30 to my time.

For example: 

Here startdate of datetime type and value is todatetime("01/1/2019 11:07 AM GMT")

and I'm adding two hours to the above mentioned startdate.


when I use the above function in text component, it is giving me the result as the below screen shot. It is simply adding even +5:30 to my time.

Please suggest the solution to the above mentioned issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Sravani Sarvasiddi.

  • Hi,

    I think it might be related with your server and clients settings. What do you get when you do a call to now() ?

    GMT +5:30 is just the time zone, not an addition done to the time you calculated.

    Best regards,
    Manuel HTG
  • Hi Sravani,

    Try this gmt(caladdhours(datetime(year(ri!startdate),month(ri!startdate),day(ri!startdate),hour(ri!startdate),minute(ri!startdate),second(ri!startdate)),2),"GMT-05:30")

    If this doesn't work check what is time difference between current time and result given by now().


  • Hi

    Can you please pass your date Time in below code and check it.

    "dd/MM/YYYY HH:MM AM/PM"

  • Hi Sravani,

    Hope the below code snippet helps you

    "mmm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM"

  • In reply to kaushala:

    Hi Kaushala,

    Thank you for your reply,
    I have already tried using the gmt() function but it didn't worked.
  • In reply to chandolum:


    Thanks for the reply,
    I have tried all the functions like text(), datetext(), gmt(), offsetFromGMT() to try to remove GMT-5:30 from the resulting datetime but none of the above didn't work.
  • What did now() give you?


    Check on Appian Administration Console "Primary time Zone". Check with "always override user selected time" and try now as well.



  • Hi Sravani,

    Please try the below code.

    "01/1/2019 11:07 AM GMT"
    "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM"

    Output :
    "01/01/2019 06:37 PM"

    Note: Tested timezone is IST
    Hope this helps :)

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