Create New User from My Appian Application

I need to create a new user on the system from my Appian Application. I am not sure how to create this user and link it to a custom CDT user record when it's created within my application. How can I achieve this in Appian?

I took a look to this link: , which has something that I could use, but the thing is that I have to add extra fields (such as provider name, provider id, etc..) in my new user.

Any thoughts? 

  • You have two options when looking to extend the properties of a User in Appian:

    1. A User object has 10 Custom properties (named "Custom1" thru "Custom10") that you can use for whatever you like. You can access these through the Admin Console User editor
    2. Create a database table where you can define one column per custom property, and have one column that holds the UserId of the User object (you can think of this as a virtual "foreign key" to the User)

    I prefer the latter because you cannot rename of the Custom properties of a User in Appian so you have to a) remember what "Custom3" holds, for example, and make sure no-one ever tries to use it for anything different.

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