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Hello All,

Can a person take Level 3 Credential if he is working in production support for past 3 years?

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    Good question - the official Credential wording says something like "must be involved in a go-live within the past X months", which seems to exclude a whole set of valid use cases for Appian experts who are otherwise fully up-to-date and active with Appian development.  I hope Appian might refine this wording over time so as not to exclude people who have been on a long development cycle with no go-live date, or in eternal production support, or various other scenarios.

  • To achieve A-Score Level 3, you must pass the Level 3 Credential which includes a multiple choice exam and an interview with an Appian Architect. Additionally, a total of 24 months of relevant experience must be submitted and verified. The idea here is to make sure that the project experience is based on a recent release of Appian and that practitioners are able to leverage the latest features that promise faster delivery on a customer project. Appian promotes iterative development and we realize that there are some big projects that may span multiple quarters, but hopefully much fewer that go on for more than a year without delivering incremental value.

    As for maintenance projects, if significant new functionality was delivered as part of those maintenance cycles, we encourage you to bundle those and submit as go-lives.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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    In Level 3 certification, below statement is there:

    1. Health Check Results -  If Health Check (HC) was not used, please provide other metrics and explain why HC was not executed.

    What are other metrics, would you please elaborate?

    In my environment health check is not done. So, what are other metrics which I can provide?