Standard timestamp in log files.

I am using Appian 18.4 on prem. I am using the Log Reader plugin to read data from log files and write the data into database tables. I want for the timestamp columns to be of type Date and Time. For example, the log file site_usage.csv contains the timestamp in the format 11 Jun 2019 05:30:40 GMT. I am in need to convert that to Date and Time. I could easily create expression rule to do that. However, what happens if:

1. In the future we move to the cloud or other environment and that other environment have different date format in the logs.

2. What if Appian changes the format of the column in the future?

3. Etc.

Having said all that, what do others recommend I should do in terms of the logic to convert the text timestamp of any log file to Date and Time and bullet proof for any future changes?

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  • parseDate() from Date and Time Utilities should help you. It supports many input date formats and returns the output as Date and Time.

    I hope this function will future proof your solution as supported list of input date formats is comprehensive not just limited to timestamps but other possible date formats. Check the plug-in documentation.

    See below screenshot for function description, input, and output.

    You can apply the parseDate() function on timestamp values before inserting data into database.