Expression-Backed Record - multiple user filters


 I created a expression-backed record with the help of the Appian tutorial :

I replaced the facet part by a!recordFilterListOption. It worked well. A filtering list on one of my record fields appeared and my data were filtered by my selection.

Now, I would like to have 2 filtering lists in order to have the ability to filtre on 2 fields of my record.

Is it possible ?

I tried with a code in the User Filters pane that looks like the code below but I got a message error : The User Filters expression failed to evaluate. Details: [Expression evaluation error at function 'localvariables': A variable is incorrectly defined. Parameter: 2. Expected syntax: localvariables(local!a, ..., expr) or localvariables(local!a:10, ..., expr)]. (APNX-1-4205-019)

Moreover, is there a wa to bypass the limit of 1 000 char  of this pane ?

Can someone help me ?

Thank you 


name: "Field 1",
name: "Field 2",

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