Parse XML response with xpathsnippet


I have an xml response containing tags like <a:IsSuccessful>true</a:IsSuccessful>. And I want to retrieve the value of a:IsSuccessful. 

I am trying below code but it throws an error-

xpathsnippet( pv!response, "//a:IsSuccessful/text()" )

When I try a tag without colon (like below) it works fine.


Can anyone please provide a solution?

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  • Appian does handle this.

    Can you confirm this?  Because when I tried calling xpathsnippet() on the original poster's code, I got the following pink error even when just using the xpath "select all" command:

    Additionally, playing with it in the expression editor, I can't get any combination of syntax for the xpath expression to not return this error message when the input string has the "a:" delimiters.  Am I still just doing something wrong?