file upload without submit widget?

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Hi All,

can we upload a file into a folder without a!buttonWidgetsubmit() button 

is it possible?

please help me with this

  • If you mean on a SAIL interface in a process, then no. The document gets uploaded to a 'temporary' location and only committed to the target folder when you submit off the form. You can upload documents via WebAPIs if needed. What's the use case that requires you not to have a 'Submit' button on your interface?

  • a!buttonWidgetsubmit()

    To clarify slightly, a!buttonWidgetSubmit(), specifically, is deprecated and shouldn't be used anymore -- instead you should use a!buttonWidget() with the submit parameter set to TRUE.  But both of these would (for now) be basically the only way to get an uploaded document moved into the "real" upload target within the Appian filesystem, as Stewart has already explained

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