Rich Text Display Field or Link

We have created an application that will send out email notifications.  One of the parameters for this application is customFooter of type TEXT. I want to display either a Rich Text display field or a link in the email.  Here are the options: which should display a link to the url not the text and allow me to display some text message.


a!richTextDisplayField(labelPosition: "COLLAPSED", value: {a!richTextIcon(icon: "life-saver", link: a!safeLink(label: "", uri: cons!ASDM_SUPPORT_REQUEST_LINK), linkStyle: "STANDALONE", color: "NEGATIVE" ), a!richTextItem(text: " Appian Support", link: a!safeLink(label: "", uri: cons!ASDM_SUPPORT_REQUEST_LINK ), linkStyle: "STANDALONE",style: "STRONG")}, align: "RIGHT")

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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