Cucumber for Appian - Custom Fields

Hi All,


I am trying to implement automation using ‘Cucumber for Appian’ in our project (our project is based on Appian). I am facing challenges/questions while implementing this which are described as below:


  1. We have few customized objects in our project (for instance, text box). While working on such objects, our script is failing with the error stating "unable to identify the object". I have tried using below steps from the given cheat code:


  • I populate field "FIELD_LABEL or [INDEX] or FIELD_LABEL[INDEX]" with "VALUE"
  • I populate record type user filter "USER_FILTER_NAME" with "USER_FILTER_VALUE"
  • I populate field with placeholder "PLACEHOLDER" with "VALUE"


Unfortunately this method is proving unsuccessful .Can you please provide your inputs as to a solution here?

 2. As we are trying to achieve maximum automation coverage, we want to utilize custom code that extends beyond functions in the cheat sheet for example:

  • Extract a data value from any object (like from text box or from list box) and compare it with value taken from any data source (like from database)
  • To implement sendkeys input in the script and so on…


Is there a manner by which we could do this and would it be feasible to edit the Appian provided jar file to cater for this? If yes, can you please help us with steps as to how to implement this?

3. The script is running fine on Chrome browser but gives object identification issues on IE (The objects which are working correctly on Chrome are not getting identified on IE). Can you please suggest what may be the cause?

4. How can we get updates on the latest JAR files or for any other component upgrades so that we can incorporate these into our framework.


Please let me know the solutions for above issues so as we can proceed ahead with our scripting on ‘Cucumber for Appian’.

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