Backup /Restore in the cloud

We have a cloud instance that is to be used for release testing, where we will test deployment of applications.
Sometimes the deployment will consist of both Appian objects and database updates.

Whilst I can export the Appian application before the test, I don't see a clear way to backup the database. (tables/ views / stored procs). I know i can export the objects that will be changing . but if i then run some tests on the env, and need to roll back - i want to go back to a snapshot of all tables to preserve referenced data. From digging around the community it seems that restoring the db back to pointA is a support request ?

I wondered how other people handle rolling back everything after an unsuccessful test....

  • Hi Paul,

    To get your tables and contents back I suggest the "export"- function of the cloud database and executing a SQL export.
    It has the advantage compared to CSV that the data stays in its format way more easy and precise. Additional you can use the SQL statement, if something at the import goes wrong, to create the table properly again and insert the data properly. 

    Views shouldnt be a thing as long the original SQL statements are saved.

    For stored procedures i have no other way in my mind than opening an appian case. Does anybody else know something?

    kind regards,


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