How can i edit the code behind a appian project. Is it possible to get the project opened in a IDE and customize it as we wish

I just was creating a sample appian project which adds task to different roles. I found that the appian adds a accept or reassign slider on the header by default. 

What must I do to remove it or change any similar things which are part of the appian framework.

I found that they are basically java based applications. So is it possible that I can edit the project in a IDE like eclipse.

Any guidance as to where to look at to customize everything about a appian project is much appreciated.


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  • Hi

    Is providing sound advice.  

    Consider the following:

    1. You could set the assignment variable of the task to a user in a group before the task loads. 
      When a task is assigned to one and only one user, the accept header isn't shown.  
      1. This would depend on expressions or rules to facilitate "round robin" or some other fairness assignment mechanism. 
        (In my opinion, this design convention is almost always more trouble than it's worth, so I always recommend against this)
      2. Assigning tasks to users and not groups is often not recommended because under this condition, task processing can be delayed if an individual is not available to process their tasks.
      3. You can add an exception timer to a task assigned to an individual so that if it does not get completed within a prescribed time, it is released to flow out and can then be reassigned systematically.

    2. Assignment to groups promotes effective task processing - 
      1. What is the negative impact of the acceptance banner?
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