Setting Qname in XML webservice request

Hi All,

 we got a new web service where in the request we need to set the qname .for  example.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<bk:book xmlns:bk='' xmlns:isbn='urn:ISBN:0-395-36341-6'>
    <bk:title>Cheaper by the Dozen</bk:title>

without the qname what i use to do it to create the xml request CDT with name space ,mapped the vale and than convert into XML request. 

Workaround :To make the qname work i can add a prefix unique string in all the cdt field and after converting it into XML , I can replace the unique string with the qname. for example





 and replace all the XX with bk: after the xml conversion like below

<bk:title>Cheaper by the Dozen</bk:title>

is their any good way to do the same ?.



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