Comparing the elements of two strings in Appian


I want to compare the elements of two Arrays in Appian. I have the image in my mind, but i can't do it in Appian.

The example is like this:

We have 2 Arrays: 

  • Array1: {100,200,300,400,700}
  • Array2: {100, 100, 300, 500,700}

The return that I deserve is:

True,False,True,False, True

I think it can be do it with forEach and Ifs, but I cant do it.

Actually I have got this:

local!Array1: {100,200,300},
local!Array2: {100,200,300},
items: local!Array1
items: local!Array2
expression: if (local!Array1 = local!Array2, true, false)

With this ERROR: Expression evaluation error: Syntax error. Details: Expression evaluation error at function a!forEach parameter 2 [line 17]: Missing right parenthesis in expression, found 'expression'

Thanks for your time.

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