CDT rule input not appearing as null

Hi all,

I've got a child interface that takes in some rule inputs of various CDT's. These rule inputs are populated in the parent by expression rules that query the db, and indexes the result for the data or returns null. I'm running into issues in the child interface because, inside the child, these rule input values are not appearing as null but as empty CDT's, like so: 

RuleInputA: [pk=, id=, party=, team=, location=]

 It seems to be casting the null value into the CDT, which then causes rule!CMN_isEmpty to return "false" when I need it to return "true". If I change the rule input types from the CDT to "Any Type" this seems to resolve the issue. Is that the only way to get around this happening? I'm worried having the rule inputs set to "Any Type" will cause issues elsewhere, like when indexing or writing to the database.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: after trying with all my rule inputs set to Any Type, I start getting errors where I'm doing wherecontains etc.

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