How to read and write data to and from a JSON document?

A Score Level 2

Here is the scenario. The user has the ability to filter data on a report (multiple selection dropdowns) and they want to be able to save such filters so when they come back they see the same data again. I have a cdt where I save the filters so each cdt field is a filter on the front end. This cdt doesn't have a corresponding table since that wasn't written to the database. Now that I need to save the filters I thought about writing to a table, but the problem is that the cdt fields store multiple values and the columns on a table don't take multiple values. 

My idea was to write the filter cdt into a json doc and read back to sow the filters. But I've been looking around and I can't find a way to read or write documents within Appian. I thought about using the Excel plugin instead but it's now deprecated and the other one left needs a datastore to read from. 

The function document() only gives me metadata and nothing else. Has anyone done this before or have nay pointers to look into?

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