FitNesse For Appian fails randomly when it populates a field

Hello, I'm having this issue that my fitnesse script will have a chance to randomly fail at a point when it populates a field, select from a dropdown or uploading a file. The chance for failure is not high, but as long as one of the fails appears, my entire test will go to waste because it has no way to correct itself. 

Does anyone know how to get rid of the fails entirely? One of the senior employees told me to clear the cache before my test - it seems to help a bit but I rather not to clear the cache everytime before I use my script. I also tried to insert "wait"s in between operations, however it doesn't seems to be helping either. If anyone knows what I should do that would be most appreciated!!!

Or if even better - to write an "error handling" script. Everytime a fail appears, instead of submitting the form anyway, it goes back to the missing part and repopulate it. Is this possible with fitnesse?

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