Export to Excel from Read-Only Grid with Different Data Than Shown

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use the out of the box Read-Only Grid Export to Excel functionality (20.3). The grid is backed by a Record.

My client wants the export to include certain fields that are not shown when viewing the grid, as well as exclude certain fields shown in the grid containing sensitive information.

Is this something possible with Out of the Box functionality?

My current solution is to not show the Export to Excel button by default. The user can click a card with a dynamic link, saving into a local variable controlling the showWhen of the Export to Excel button. Additionally, clicking that card will also update the grid to hide columns with sensitive data and include columns with the additional data.

While this seems to work, I would much prefer a solution with a single click.



  • The export to excel from the a!gridfield is WYSIWYG, there aren't any options to export something different than what is seen on-screen.  I think your currently solution is perfectly fine personally, as it informs the user that they are going to be exporting something different than what they are seeing onscreen and lets them preview it.   The only other option that comes to mind is instead use the pattern of a!exportDataStoreEntityToExcel() described here https://docs.appian.com/suite/help/20.3/Export_To_Excel_Smart_Service.html as you can predefine whatever columns you'd like for the export, and it is distinct from the gridfield.  This assumes that you are able to have a table, or you can at least construct a db view which has the columns you want to export.

    You may also consider submitting a product use case through support if your customer needs the OOTB read only grid export options enhanced in future releases.

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