Image in an email body via safelink() method.

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I'm trying to create an email template for outlook using the following code snippet, 

  uri: concat(
    "Random Text",
    "&Body= Hello",

I have to add the company logo in the signature of the email body, can someone please let me know if this is possible? If so, direct me on how to do implement this. 

Thanks in advance. 

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    Are you trying to send an email from Appian or just create a link that will open the user's email client?

    Your example code implies you are trying to create a link to open the user's email client and create the body. Adding an image that way isn't possible with HTML. If your users already have their company logo in the signature of their email client then it would work. You would need to evaluate that scenario with your user community.

    Alternatively, you can kick off a process and use the send email smart service such that the email is formatted and sent from Appian, rather than the user. There are a fair amount of posts on community about adding images to an email using the smart service if you need guidance on how to configure the node for your use case.

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    in reply to ericg329

    I am not sending an email from Appian, it will create a link that will open the user's email client. Basically not using any smart service. 

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