Email link that navigates to Gmail, regardless of default mail app

My users want an email link in a UI, that when clicked opens in their browser, and if signed in to Gmail already, opens a draft email window with the email address from the link.

Currently I am using safelink, and it opens the default mail application on the user's computer.  However, they want it to always go to regardless of the default mail app.

Is this possible?

Here is an example of the code I am using

label: "",
uri: ""

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    You could have a safeLink open "" instead -- but any more than that would strictly depend upon whether it's even possible to call the "" url with some sort of additional parameter to determine behavior (such as automatically starting a new message etc), which seems possible but doubtful, and would be completely up to Gmail's behavior (in other words, nothing to do with Appian in particular).  Note: I googled it and was able to find this, which might give you a good start into determining whether this is feasible.

    Edit: the example provided in the post linked above didn't work as-written - I had to remove the "/a/" part, otherwise it was thinking I was trying to invoke's internal gmail account (which of course I don't have), however after playing with it, the following link format DOES seem to work per what you're attempting (note that it probably won't work at all if someone isn't logged into Gmail on whatever browser they click this link from):