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I am trying to run a Jmeter performance test on our application which is integrated to Appian.

When I login through browser I see the following calls to Appian

  1. suite/webapi/gpp-getinflightstatus
  2. openam/saml2/jsp/idpSSOInit.jsp?spEntityID=VOL_APPIAN_SPID_USER&metaAlias=/vol/VOL_APPIAN_IDPID_USER
  3. suite/saml/AssertionConsumer (The SAMLResponse from idpSSO is sent as a form data)
  4. In the response of the above call we get 
    1. Set-Cookie:
      JSESSIONID=8F03F8FEC8186FD05976F056B1598117.node1; Path=/suite; Secure; HttpOnly; SameSite=None; HttpOnly
    2. Set-Cookie:
      __appianCsrfToken=d95244bf-0e06-414a-a918-a97bd6cdc69e; Path=/suite; Secure; SameSite=None; Secure
    3. Set-Cookie:
      __appianMultipartCsrfToken=ac3f7bc7-76a4-46c8-82cf-7eeae0e714f4; Path=/suite; Secure; SameSite=None; Secure
    4. Set-Cookie:
      REMEMBER_IDP_COOKIE=<cookie_from_response>; Max-Age=315360000; Expires=Wed, 02-Jul-2031 08:14:33 GMT; Path=/suite; Secure; HttpOnly

But when I am logging in from Jmeter I never JSESSIONID, __appianCsrfToken, __appianMultipartCsrfToken & REMEMBER_IDP_COOKIE I never receive.

I don't where it going wrong.

I need some help urgently.

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