Nested loops inside the DOCX template with XML as data source

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What's the best practice for this use case?

I have XML with the data similar to this:

   <employee name="JOHN" lastName="SMITH">
      <salary month="JAN" amount="2000" />
      <salary name="FEB" amount="2100" />
      <salary name="MAR" amount="2123" />
   <employee name="JACOB" lastName="SMITH">
      <salary month="JAN" amount="3000" />
      <salary name="FEB" amount="3100" />
      <salary name="MAR" amount="3123" />
   <employee name="JOSE" lastName="SMITH">
      <salary month="JAN" amount="4000" />
      <salary name="FEB" amount="4100" />
      <salary name="MAR" amount="4123" />

In DOCX document i would like to achieve this:

So, how can I configure my template to loop inside the loop?

I believe it would be something like this:

But I'm missing this code for looping inside each employee tag.

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  • Try like #list doc.employeeData.salary in the first cell. Lets see how its work.

  • Hi ,

    Working with complex structure XML (Multi level), in freemarker can be trick but you can apply some workarounds.

    To implement your scenario I changed a little bit your input XML as well as your template. Please see the format that I used in my implementation: 

    	<employee >
    		<details name="JOHN" lastName="SMITH" />
    		<salary month="JAN" amount="2000" />
    		<salary month="FEB" amount="2100" />
    		<salary month="MAR" amount="2123" />
    	<employee >
    		<details name="JACOB" lastName="SMITH" />
    		<salary month="JAN" amount="3000" />
    		<salary month="FEB" amount="3100" />
    		<salary month="MAR" amount="3123" />
    	<employee >
    		<details name="JOSE" lastName="SMITH" />	
    		<salary month="JAN" amount="4000" />
    		<salary month="FEB" amount="4100" />
    		<salary month="MAR" amount="4123" />

    The template was configured like this:

    The result document is:

    Hope that helps

    Acacio B.