Change the value of variable at runtime

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I want to the change the value of same tag in a single document at runtime

for example :- 

Schedule_1 : A

Schedule_1 : B

Schedule_1 : C

Schedule_1 : D

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    over 1 year ago in reply to Stewart Burchell

    Hi  Actually, the scenario is if the customer has used the tags like as following in document which has multiple pages and multiple number of tags have been used throughout the document. Then suppose there are 4 schedule tags in the current scenario,

    ###Schedule_1### should be replaced with the value: Schedule A when it occured first time in the document,
    The very next time ###Schedule_1### is found, the value should change from Schedule B, and then the next time ###Schedule_1### should be Schedule C in the document.

    In short, the number of occurences of the tag in the document will dynamically decide the value against the tag that needs to be replaced.

    Is is possible?