Problem with generating Dynamic documents from multiple templates

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Hi Team,

I have 2 chained user input tasks in between I am generating Dynamic (MS Word 2007 Doc from Template) documents from multiple templates and converting into PDF . but when number of documents exceeded more then 50 that chaining is failing .. please suggest me a best approach so that when user click submit in first user input task directly land to next page with converted PDF preview. 1. Scenario fails if document templates exceeds more then 50 , because appian will not allow then 50 chain nodes . Your suggestion is highly appreciated.


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    over 1 year ago

    What is your use case that requires 50 consecutive document generation nodes to be chained through in one step by a user?  The first and biggest issue here seems to be that this is a risky design scheme in general.  Is a user really going to be required to generate and then preview more than 50 documents all at once?