a!pickerFieldUsers Results are Not Visible to any Non Admin Users


It seems that all user pickers in our app are not working properly. When logged in as any Non Admin user, the only result shown is the logged in user. When I login as an administrator, I can see all users. I am using our All Users group as the groupFilter so I don't know why it isn't working. 

All Users Group Properties
visibility - restricted (only members and admins)

membership - closed (admins must select all members)

privacy policy - low (members can see eachother)

It seems like with our settings, all members should be able to see eachother. 

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  • AFAIK the GroupFilter mainly serves to narrow the pool of selections for the picker to relevant users for the viewing user / app it's being used in, but nothing about the group's security settings inherently affects the behavior of the picker.  Just to guess at a possible answer, the first thing that occurs to me is maybe your users have weird User Security settings in place, which of course could prevent users outside of their group / organization / whatever from seeing them, or if it's configured unreasonably (IMHO) pessimistically, any other users who aren't an admin.

    To check, run this expression in a blank expression rule editor - swapping in the "username" for any of the users you'd expect to see in the picker, just to see what you get: