Query Editor

Certified Senior Developer

The query editor is a super quick and handy way to get queries all put together, but I was curious why it doesn't function for queries on data sources other than data store entities? The logic needed when we code it manually is ultimately very similar. Not being able to use the editor for a record, for example, seems particularly weird as records are supposedly the fastest/best way to get data in Appian. Yes, I can put in filters and whatnot in the record itself, but then I end up having to make separate records every time I want to change what data comes back, which seems silly. So that leaves me with manually generating all my record queries (or anything else I want to query that isn't a DSE). 

Is there something I am missing? And if not, can I request that we expand the functionality of the query editor to all queries instead of just the single subset of data store entities?

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