Notify task -> Link construction

Hello Appian community,

I have found quite interesting observation related “native” email notification for “User Input Task”.

For my test I have used 3 users with different membership -> but what was common is that all users are member of “PK_Users” group and user “Pavol Kuka” and “Pavol Kuka admin” are members of “PK_Users_admins” group.


I have observed link to task created by APPIAN is somehow related to current memberships.

Because for user “Pavol Kuka Test” (user is no member of another application groups) I have received link: 


(Link works)

For user “Pavol Kuka Admin” (this user has several memberships to other groups, one of them is CAST group – but this membership is not related to my test) I received:


(Link works)


For user “Pavol Kuka” who has no additional application membership, I received:


(Link does not work -> for all user included superuser I am receiving 403 Access Denied) 

  • Actually this link does not make a sense…

I have suspicion that there could be something wrong in the Code.

Thanks in advance for your ideas or experiences.

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