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I am currently working on an application for training purposes. I have a process for adding a record and editing it. I had a sub-process for both, where I am sending an email to a user group whenever a record has been added or edited. I was able to make parts of the email dynamic (e.g. "Information about [dynamicName] has been [changed/added]), but I would like to embed a record summary view link in that email, so that users can navigate straight to the updated record from that email. Now, the urlforrecord() function generates a working URL, but it links to Tempo, and not the summary view of my record. I have been trying a few things, but nothing seems to work. I would be very much obliged if someone helps me figure this out. To sum up: I need to dynamically generate a URL to a record summary view on my site to embed it within the email body.


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